Helping your business to go even smarter
and more sustainable.

A smart waste & recycling management can help your business
to reflect more cost-savings on your monthly waste cost

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Understand your waste type and knowing which dumpster to fit in
is the first step towards the sustainable waste management.
So you know how to control your waste and find ways to reduce it.

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let your waste & recycling handled by one team

We are here to take care of your business sustainability. All the waste & recycling metrics are impossible to be captured without the collaboration of our reliable & well-practiced waste & recycling hauling partners.

What customers are saying?

"Service is oriented. Helpful to serve client. Customer live support does well. Coordinate well with client. A reliable platform for connecting waste & recycling solution."

"GarGeon helps my business to go more sustainable and more recycling opportunities, I like the customer account which can view my hauling activities transparently"

"The combination of the well-practiced waste & recycling haulers and GarGeon team is really taking care of my waste & recycling metrics"

Jimmy Kek
Operation Manager

Nur Amira
Admin Manager

Business Operation Manager

Why choose GarGeon for your business?

GarGeon served as the agent to help customers to achieve efficient, affordable and
sustainable waste & recycling managing solution

Flexible & Reliable

Flexible contract with no fixed schedule, unlike traditional contracts that tied you up with unnecessary pickups

Integrated waste & recycling tech

You access to your waste & recycling services updates

Focus on your savings

We keep an eye on your saving opportunities by capturing your day to day waste hauling activities

Customer Mobile App

Manage all your waste & recycling in one platform tool

View your current service details

Once we connect you to our hauler, you can view all details regarding your service and the hauler information

Send pickup request and track

You get real-time notification update and tracking from your pickup request

Check completed history

When the hauling is done, you get an idea on when it starts and when it completes


You can refer the monthly billing from your app

To learn more on technology for customer, visit Tech for Customers

Towards a zero waste city

We partnered with the reliable and well-practiced private waste
& recycling haulers which share the same vision of GarGeon to
divert all your waste from the landfill.

More Possible Recycling Rebates

We know that your business can only go more sustainable and cost-saving when you start understanding your waste & recycling metrics.

Connect to GarGeon technology and get your waste & recycling transparency from your day to day hauling activities


Re-think your waste & recycling

You can always re-analyse your waste & recycling on how to go more sustainable and cost-saving. Don't miss out the recycling opportunities.

Live chat us or send email to us, then we will show you the procedures.

Help Centre

How GarGeon is differentiate than other haulers?

GarGeon focus on the transparency and waste & recycling metrics which may help customers to go even sustainable.

How GarGeon can help my business to be more sustainable?

We work closely with the haulers to capture your waste & recycling data metrics and determine more recycling and cost-saving opportunities.


Still have concerns about something? Find answers to all your questions on our Help Centre

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